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Fill out this brief form and click the "Start" button to go to the links for the procedure. Your information will be kept in strict confidence. The only purpose is to keep contact with you. No one other than the Center for Spiritual Understanding will see the information.

User Name and Password

The procedure requires a user name and password. The reason is that we need to have some control over use of the procedure as we learn more about it. We want to continually make it more valuable to people who want to connect with their loved ones. You are helping bring this gift to humankind by performing this little task each time you want to use the procedure.

To get the current user name and password, fill out the form that follows and click on "Start."

Conditions for Using the Procedure

By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

  1. Your grief is at a point at which it isn't so deep you aren't functioning well.

  2. You are not in counseling or psychiatric treatment for any disorders, or if you are, you have discussed the research with your counselor or psychiatrist who agrees the program will not be harmful to you.

  3. You have no mental difficulties such as psychoses, childhood traumas, history of abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder that have not been resolved.

  4. You realize that you will be working with the mind of your own free will, and if anything happens that causes you distress or any other mental problems, you won't hold the Center for Spiritual Understanding or Craig responsible for the distress. If you have any reservations about going through the procedure, don't go through it unless you're working with a counselor as you go through it.

  5. You had a good relationship with the person you want to connect with, without any trauma, abuse, or other history that brings bad memories to your mind.

  6. You are willing to journal what happened during the activities immediately after finishing them.

  7. You give the Center for Spiritual Understanding permission to read the journal, and for us to possibly use it without your name or identifying information on it in the reports about the research, published and unpublished.

You may call Craig at his business number, 800 827-3770 (309 452-2831 outside of the US), to have him help you fill out the form.

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