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Allowing Natural Unfoldment

As you go through these experiences, allow whatever comes to unfold naturally. This is a list of things to watch out for that will interfere with the connection:

  1. Don't bring up a series of memories after you've gone to the place of love, trying to make a connection.
  2. Don't try to make someone appear.
  3. If you have an image of someone, don't try to go to them or chase them.
  4. Don't become frustrated with what is coming to you and feel, "Well come on. Where are you?"
  5. Don't judge, such as thinking, "I don't know if this is imagination or real."
  6. Don't interrupt the unfoldment because someone has come to you and you really want someone else to come.
  7. Don't try to figure out the symbolism or try to get meaning out of what happens. It may have no meaning or the meaning may not be apparent until later.

Just remember to be open and accepting. You can carry on a dialogue. You can ask questions. But always, then become a watcher. Don't try to make something happen.

Noticing and Being Observant

When some thought, sense, feeling, image, or message comes to you, notice it and stay with it. Stay aware of it. If you see a mermaid swimming in a river, don't say "Oh, that's silly. Go away mermaid." Instead, notice the mermaid. Observe her. Watch to see whether she changes or something else happens.

It's just like you were on vacation in a new place and as you walk around, you're looking at everything and noticing sounds, smells, and impressions. You don't stop looking and experiencing. The experiences flow freely. That's what it should be like when you're in these sessions. Look around. Be in wonder at what you see. Smell the smells. Sense the impressions and feelings you have.

Stay actively engaged in where you are. In this new place you were visiting, you wouldn't stand in one place and wait for experiences to come to you. You would walk around and look at things. That's what you need to do in these Self-Guided Afterlife Communication experiences. Be very observant.

What to Do if Nothing's Happening

If you stand in the scene and just nothing is happening, then you probably are not noticing and observing. You likely are expecting an experience to sweep you off your feet with its potent effect. You may be waiting for your loved one to appear or to talk to you, and as a result you may not notice anything else or allow anything else to come through. That results in a "Nothing's happening" reaction. Don't allow that. You're opening to natural unfoldment so those on the other side can unfold their message. If you're blank, that means you're not allowing unfoldment, so they can't unfold their message.

For example, if you're allowing natural unfoldment and have the initial setting on a beach or by a stream in a forest, you're going to have things happen if you're observing the beach or the forest. Things happen on beaches and in forests. Look around. Be aware. Be open to whatever comes, and notice it. You may have many things come to you before you actually have a connection. If you don't allow them to unfold and stay with them, the connection can't come later because they'll need your openness to the unfolding for them to bring their unfolding message to you. The unfoldments that don't seem to have anything to do with anything are all preparations.

If nothing seems to be happening or the impressions have faded, go back to the last connection you had or the last clear impression you had. Recall the feelings, images, and other impressions you had at that time. When you recall then, you're moving back into that state of mind. There, actively notice sights, sounds, impressions, and anything else that comes to you. Allow it to unfold.

Most importantly, don't sit waiting for something to happen, with an empty mind. That results from an expectation that you'll get some unusual or striking connection, and that will block the unfoldment. Stay open and aware. Watch for unfoldment.

What to Do If You're Distracted

If something comes to your mind like "Oh, I forgot to put the roast out to thaw," but you're still in the scene, such as being on the beach or in a forest, then notice that: "I forgot to put the roast out to thaw." Observe the beach or forest as you notice the thought. Stay open. See whether that is an unfoldment from someone. Reminding you of the roast could be their way of getting you into some connection. With everything that comes to you, if you're still in the scene, notice it and be observant. See what unfolds.

If you keep having the thought of the roast, don't stop your session feeling like you're being distracted. You have no way of knowing what is coming from the other side. Instead, relax and put the distraction into a box. Leave it there until you're finished. Relax more by noticing your breathing. After awhile, bring yourself back to some image or memory. It could be the image or memory you last had in the location you started with. It could be the image or memory you had in the last session when you were connecting. Or it could be the image or memory you had in a dream.

Then, after you have brought yourself back to the image or memory, become a watcher. Be open to whatever comes. Don't feel frustrated. Everything that happens is part of your experience.

After a few sessions, you'll find that you're able to allow natural unfoldment all the time. You're able to adjust to distractions and not allow them to interfere with your sessions. You'll be learning how to connect.

The Meaningless Images You Get

When you allow images, messages, and feelings to come to you without restriction, some will make no sense to you at times. That is especially true of images. You might see a bunny, then a circus clown, then a flying elephant. Things will come to you. We don’t know where these unusual things come from, but there's no hidden meaning in them, so don't try to puzzle them out. They're just like dreams. They make no sense, but appear full blown, in detail, and play out some scene in your mind without your intention. But you have to let them come and go--that's part of allowing natural unfoldment. If you stop them, you may be stopping the beginning of a connection.

It’s much like having the radio on without being on a specific station. You won’t hear silence. You’ll hear noise, with occasional far off voices or music. What you hear makes no sense, and you don't know the station the sounds are coming from. But then, suddenly out of nowhere, a radio station could start playing beautiful music. That’s just like the afterlife connections when they suddenly come through the meaningless images. You can’t tell when the connections are going to come through the strange images that flow through your mind, but you have to keep tuned to the station and keep open to anything that comes along so that when the connection comes, you’ll be open to it and let it through.

Counting Yourself Out of Relaxation

You will now practice allowing natural unfoldment by listening to another recording. This is practice, so it isn't intended to result in a connection yet, but if you do have a connection or want to stay in the scene, or if you want to practice natural unfoldment more, you can do so, because the meditation music continues for 30 minutes after the narrator stops speaking. All you have to do is stay relaxed with your eyes closed while the experience unfolds. Then emerge from the relaxation state when you're ready by counting slowly from one to five. With each count, feel yourself coming out of the relaxation and back to the room.

Now, put on the earphones and click on the "Click here to play" link or the "Play" arrow on a sound bar to listen to the recording. Adjust the volume on your computer so the sound is comfor for you, not too loud.


If the Recordings Don't Play for You

If you have tried to link to the recordings and none play for you, click on this link to download the recordings: Download the Recordings.


Recording 3 Instructions

Recording 3 Explanation

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